Lay-On Shaker Kitchens

Stylish, Streamlined & Handmade

With a lay-on shaker kitchen from Planet Furniture, you will get two of the most popular design elements – lay-on cabinet construction and the shaker-style door, handmade in our workshop in Hitchin.

If you want your kitchen to have a seamless and modern look, then this style could be just for you.

The shaker-style doors are fitted onto the lay-on cabinets, which have no gaps or or spaces in between.

Lay-On Kitchen Benefits

The benefits of our lay-on shaker kitchen are much the same as for our in-frame kitchens from a functionality point of view.

They differ on their more simplistic design, as they are not framed, the doors and drawers are right next to each other, this can appear more modern.

Maintenance is simple with only the doors and drawers themselves needing to be opened and wiped down.

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Our Guarantee

Our exceptional reputation is something we are incredibly proud of. We are confident in the superb quality of the furniture we produce, and you can be confident in the standards we set are ourselves in every aspect is incredibly high.

From our expert designers to our superb craftsmen and our highly experienced fitters to our talented hand painters, we are proud to say are exclusive to Planet Furniture, therefore no aspect of our work is sub-contacted out – This allows us to maintain our high standards throughout the entire process of your project.

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