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Our Kitchen Handles

Our kitchen handles add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen design. You can choose from a range of luxurious designs and finishes to create a unique look that’s tailored to your preferences. With a number of beautiful finishes available, including polished chrome and satin nickel, you can bring a touch of style and elegance to your home. Our bespoke kitchen handles are designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen while also providing functionality and comfort.

Built To Last

At Planet Furniture, we understand that every detail in a luxury kitchen design matters, including the choice of handles. That is why we offer a distinct selection of handles that allow you to mix and match styles for different areas of your kitchen. This flexibility allows you to create a unique and cohesive look that complements your overall design aesthetic.

In addition to our mix-and-match selection, we also offer exclusive kitchen handles designed by Planet Furniture. Our team of skilled artisans creates handles that are truly one-of-a-kind, using high-quality materials and innovative designs to ensure that they stand out. With our exclusive range of handles, you can be sure that your kitchen will have a unique touch that reflects your personal style.

Luxurious Finishes

Our selection of handles is not just limited to style and design, we also offer a variety of finishes that allow you to match your handles to other elements in your kitchen design, such as taps and appliances. Our range includes popular finishes such as polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, brass, matt gold, and matt black, among others.

At Planet Furniture, we believe that every aspect of your luxury kitchen design should be considered, including the smallest details such as finial ends and matching door hinges to ensure a cohesive overall look.

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Kitchen Details

Each kitchen created by Planet Furniture is unique, offering a bespoke experience tailored to the client’s needs. Our extensive range of kitchen features including islands, appliances, storage, handles, taps & sinks, work surfaces, dovetail drawers, seating & dining, paint colours, pantries and personalisation ensure your kitchen is tailored to your lifestyle and design preferences.

Our Guarantee

Our exceptional reputation is something we are incredibly proud of. We are confident in the superb quality of the furniture we produce, and you can be confident in the standards we set are ourselves in every aspect is incredibly high.

From our expert designers to our superb craftsmen and our highly experienced fitters to our talented hand painters, we are proud to say are exclusive to Planet Furniture, therefore no aspect of our work is sub-contacted out – This allows us to maintain our high standards throughout the entire process of your project.

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