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The Revolutionary Cooktop Extractor System by BORA – It’s More Than Just Cooking!5 min read

In the world of kitchen design and technology, the BORA stands out as a revolutionary innovation. BORA meets the highest standards combining functionality, aesthetic appeal and cutting-edge technology. It’s been made into a redefined cooking experience.

As kitchen designers, we are proud to work with BORA cooktop extractor systems, they simply are a game changer for modern kitchens. In this blog, we look at the history and development of BORA and how we have designed them into our kitchen projects.

Who’s at the Heart of BORA?

Willi Bruckbauer is at the heart of BORA – he is the visionary and driving force behind these innovative cooktop extractor systems. With over two decades of experience in the kitchen industry, this master carpenter knows exactly what the modern homeowner wants from their kitchen. His expertise and creativity have been important to the development of BORA’s groundbreaking solutions, ensuring functionality and satisfaction in contemporary kitchen design.

Willi quotes, “It was a gamble, but it paid off! Kitchens needed to be more attractive and we’ve achieved that if you listen to thrilled users of our cooktop extractors raving about them: functionality, quality and aesthetics.

History Behind the BORA

Bruckbauer became frustrated with the limitations of traditional extractor hoods, and he soon envisioned a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution. Willi wanted to eliminate the need for traditional, noisy and bulky overhead extractor hoods. He envisioned incorporating the extraction system directly into the cooktop. This resulted in a sleek, practical and highly efficient solution tailored for modern kitchens.

How the BORA works

As we have previously mentioned the core innovation of BORA lies in its integrated extraction system which is built directly into the cooktop. Instead of the cooking vapours and odours rising, BORA cooktop extractors draw them away where they are created. The system utilises a cross-flow method, making sure that the vapours are captured before they can rise and disperse throughout the kitchen.

BORA offers two main extraction methods: exhaust air and recirculation. The exhaust air version is where the air is expelled outside. With the recirculation version, the extracted air passes through a high-quality activated charcoal filter (cleans and removes any odour molecules), and then returns to the room.

The Advantages of BORA

Maximise Space & Design Freedom

The BORA cooktop extractors eliminate the need for bulky overhead hoods, providing more design freedom within your kitchen space. Super beneficial for open-plan kitchens, allowing more flexible and aesthetically pleasing layouts.

Improved Air Quality & Kitchen Environment

BORA systems achieve nearly 100% extraction efficiency which is much better than the 50-60% extraction from traditional hoods. Better air quality is produced and a cleaner kitchen environment is made.

Quiet Operation

One of the key benefits is the quiet operation the BORA has to offer. The noise level is significantly lower compared to traditional extractor hoods – a more pleasant cooking experience is created.

It is also simple to use.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Adding to the incredible function, BORA systems have also been designed for easy maintenance. Each component is easily accessible and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, saving you time. The system is kept efficient and hygienic.

Safety Features & Functionality

BORA cooktops offer advanced safety features, including child locks and automatic shut-off functions. Additionally, the induction technology utilised in BORA cooktops ensures that only the cookware heats up, significantly reducing the risk of burns.

The Range of Products by BORA

Each BORA product is designed to meet various kitchen needs while providing a sleek and efficient cooking experience. There are a few different specifications in the range – we are sure you will find the cooktop extractor system that best suits your needs.

BORA Professional 3.0

Do you demand precision and power in your cooking appliance?

The BORA Professional 3.0 system combines advanced technology with professional-grade performance. It features oversized cooking zones, intuitive control knobs, and a highly effective integrated extraction system.

BORA Classic 2.0

The BORA Classic 2.0 offers a flexible and customisable solution. It features modular components that can be configured according to individual cooking preferences, touch controls and an automatic extractor that adjusts to the cooking intensity.


Built with a distinctive design and powerful performance, the BORA X Pure features an extra-wide cooktop with an integrated extraction system. Key highlights include sControl for easy operation, eSwap for simple filter changes, and a super quiet fan, making it an ideal choice for open-plan kitchens.


The BORA M Pure is the most versatile compact cooktop extractor system accommodating cookware of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re using large roasters or small pots, the zone induction areas on the left and the surface induction zones on the right ensure optimal recognition and performance for every cooking task.


A minimalist design with efficient functionality. The BORA Pure has a streamlined appearance with flush integration of the cooktop and extractor. Comes with touch controls and a discreet operating panel. This model is designed for easy cleaning and operation and is great for adding a sophisticated yet unobtrusive kitchen appliance to the space.


The BORA S Pure is a win for every kitchen. The asymmetrical position of the extractor opening is particularly eye-catching, giving the cooktop an extraordinary and modern look. The four cooking zones accommodate different pots and pans of all conventional dimensions and the key operating function can be effortlessly accessed in just a few touches.

BORA Basic

The BORA Basic is an entry-level model offering excellent value without compromising on performance. The cooktop and extractor are integrated into a single unit, providing effective extraction and easy installation. It’s more suitable for smaller kitchens or those on a budget.

The BORA Cooktop Extractor System in our Kitchen Designs

Our client in Hitchin wanted to embrace the future of their kitchen technology by adding a BORA Pure. It gives the kitchen a cleaner, quieter and more stylish environment.


Has the BORA cooktop extractor system caught your eye? It’s a significant leap forward in kitchen design and technology and we are proud to work with the brand. If you are starting to design a handmade bespoke kitchen, the team at Planet Furniture can design your dream kitchen and add this versatile and efficient solution to your space, transforming your cooking experience and leaving you with a lasting impression.


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